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Illustration, Comics, Concept, etc.

Illustration & Comics etc.

The majority of my work history has been spent learning and improving my knowledge and skills for comic illustration, concept work, and graphic design.

My style is a blend of various inspirations such as anime, video games and even a hint of Disney at times. I'll usually stick to my own style but will experiment with colours and atmospheres to better blend with whatever project I am working on.

My work is often best suited towards sequential artwork (i.e. comic work, novel insert-artwork, or other narrative-based visuals), concept and character design.

I also have experience designing logo work, promotional graphics, and establishing brand aesthetics.

Fees & Availability

NOTE: As of the moment, I am fully booked and cannot take on any new clients for contract work

For exact rates, please e-mail me the nature of your project to get a quote and scheduling availability.

I do occasionally open commissions for non-commercial use art. Please check my social media for my commissions status (closed or open) and rates before sending a request.

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