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The majority of KC's work history has been spent learning and

improving their knowledge and skills for comic illustration, concept work,

and graphic design.

Their style is a blend of various inspirations such as anime, video games

and even a hint of Disney at times. They usually stick to their own style but

will experiment with colours and atmospheres to better blend with

whatever project they are working on.

KC's work is often best suited towards sequential artwork (i.e. comic work, novel insert-artwork, or other narrative-based visuals), concept and character design.

They also have experience designing logo work, promotional graphics, and establishing brand aesthetics.


KC has a lifetime of experience with art and story creation, but only in the last decade they've started using those skills professionally and making art their nearly full-time career!

Check the different categories below to see the various types of illustration and design projects they've put their heart into!

More Art!

You can find more examples of KC's artwork on their social media such as Instagram where they post all kinds of work such as personal projects, fan art, commissions and works in progress.

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