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Children's Books Illustrations

In early 2018, I began illustrating children's books, working with author, Mike Parkhill, to bring the stories of Mik'maw First Nations elders to life. So far, I've illustrated 12 of these books.

Outside working with Parkhill, I also had the honour of illustrating a children's book written by Mariah King, a friend of mine, in honour of her late grandmother.


I'm always creating new characters and stories to go with them, and so I've turned to webcomics to start sharing some of my creations.

'Nindibaajimowin' is my first comic series with the main focus on an Ojibwe teen as he tries to figure out how to fit in the world around him, with the help of Nanaboozhoo, the trickster hero of many Anishinaabe legends.

Character Design/Exploration


Personal, Fan Art & Freelance

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